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Worldwide consulting

A Mobile service with uncompromising quality

The “Mobile” onsite Laboratory service offered by the company has met, over the years, an increasing need for a prompt and reliable analysis of gemstones, without the time and expenses induced by shipping or submitting valuable items to a Gem testing Laboratory. This was made possible by the fact that once very heavy and cumbersome advanced analytical apparatus such as spectrometers have become much smaller and transportable without compromising on the quality of the final results. This fact alone has transformed the way most gem material can be reliably and repeatedly analysed and allows for this on-site service to be performed.
C. Dunaigre Consulting GmbH travels regularly on gem testing trips to Europe, America & the Middle East and is also present at several Asian Gems and Jewelry shows every year. Upon request from a client, customized trips can be organized anywhere in the world.

A Lab with advanced Analytics

A fast and cost effective service