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C. Dunaigre Reports

C. Dunaigre Reports

Over the past years, C. Dunaigre Reports have gained worldwide recognition and acceptance on all the major markets. They are perceived as documents providing a truly independent & professional third party opinion on any gemstone submitted for analysis.

Not being involved in the buying, selling or appraising of Gem Material allows us to provide unbiased, precise and concise information about a gemstone being tested to the final client in a readable format. We specialize in the analysis of coloured gemstones and report on various aspects of that gemstone such as identification, treatment and most probable geographical origin.

Gemstone Reports

The Gemstone Report is designed to offer all relevant information on the gem material being tested. This includes weight, measurements, shape & cut, colour, identification, and treatment. An opinion on the most probable geographical origin is also being given, whenever possible, for natural rubies, sapphires, emeralds, spinels, Chrysoberyls, Tanzanites, Tzavorites, Opal and Paraiba tourmalines.
It is important to note that due to the similar geological settings found at the various mining sites of different countries, there may be an overlap in the gemmological properties of gemstones from different geographical origins. We may therefore not always be in a position to come up with a statement on the probable provenance of the item being tested.

Any relevant additional information regarding the gemstone is addressed as a footnote at the bottom of the Report (see sample Reports).

Note that the Report is a statement of the condition of the Gemstone at the time of the examination only and will therefore not reflect subsequent changes that may be made to that gemstone after its examination and reporting. Also note that we do not report on loose diamonds and pearls.

Jewelry Reports

The Report describes gemstones set in a piece of Jewelry and includes all the information found in the Gemstone Report. Weights of gemstones may be either provided by the client or estimated by us on the basis of their measurements and nature of the gem material. The testing is always performed insofar as the mounting permits. (See Jewelry report samples)


For various reasons such as beauty, size, rarity or for historical importance, some gemstones may stand out as unique and beautiful objects. It is our opinion than those special items deserve to be put in perspective in a different format than the more clinical Gemstone or Jewelry Reports. When this is the case, a single or multiple page Addendum to the Report that describes and highlights in a more romantic fashion those special attributes is being issued. It is important to note that this addendum is made at the appreciation of the gemmologists examining the stones and only based the merit of the gemstone itself. The addendum cannot be requested or paid for by the client and is totally free of charge.