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Terms, limitations & liability

Terms, limitations & liability

Terms, Limitations

Each gemstone is examined by a professional gemmologist and the results of the analyses are expressed on a Gemstone Identification Report or a Jewelry Report, which represent the independent and qualified opinion of C. Dunaigre Consulting GmbH. Those results are based on the testing of microscopic, physical and chemical properties of the gemstone using standard and advanced approved analytical techniques as well as on the information and data found in the scientific literature. The results reflect the state of the gemstone at the time of examination and are, by no means a guarantee for, or a statement of monetary value of the gemstone or the object described. The actual appearance of the gemstone and its photographic representation on the Report may differ. Upon request and whenever possible, an opinion regarding the most probable geographic origin of a gemstone may be stated on the Report. As many mines around the world produce gemstones that display similar properties, an opinion on the most probable geographical origin cannot always be given. Note also that C. Dunaigre Consulting GmbH may refuse the issuance of a Report at any time.

Many gemstones are routinely treated to improve their visual appearance. Common treatments (other than cutting and polishing) include, but are not limited to: Heat treatment, diffusion, irradiation, coating, dyeing, fissure and cavity fillings with various substances. A statement relating to the presence of such treatments is normally made under the comments section of the Report. Note however that certain type of treatments such as, but not limited to irradiation or heat treatement cannot always be detected at the current time and the fact that no treatment is stated on the Report does not necessarily imply that such a treatment has not taken place.


The client agrees not to hold C. Dunaigre Consulting GmbH liable for the loss (including theft and robbery) or the damage of the gemstone (including colour and clarity modifications) occurring during and after its submission and examination.

Unless expressed otherwise, C. Dunaigre Consulting GmbH cannot be held responsible by the client or by third parties in possession of this Gemstone Identification Report for erroneous information which may be stated on the Report, or by any matter which may result from the issuance, use or misuse of this report. The laminated and unaltered original version of the report bearing an authentic signature and an embossed stamp is the only valid document. Place of legal jurisdiction is Lausanne, Switzerland. Only the original French version of the text is legally binding.