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C. Dunaigre profile

C. Dunaigre profile

Christian Dunaigre, a passionate French/Swiss gemmologist with 30 years experience in the testing of gemstones, diamonds and pearls started his career at the Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences (AIGS) in Bangkok under the direction of Mr. Ken Scarratt. In 1997, Christian moved to the world famous Gübelin Gem Laboratory in Luzern, Switzerland where he had the chance and the privilege to work with some of the best and most famous gemmologists in the world , taking part in several important research projects.
There, he also acted many years as the Supervisor of the Laboratory Services and lectured on many occasions in various locations in the world. In 2008, Christian set up C. Dunaigre Consulting GmbH, an independent Swiss based company which offers on-site Gem testing services to the Gems and Jewelry trade worldwide and in 2014 C. Dunaigre Gem Lab Co., Ltd , a sedentary Gem Testing Laboratory in Bangkok, Thailand.

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