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Company Profile

Company profile

C. Dunaigre Consulting GmbH is a Swiss based company that was set up in 2008 by Christian Dunaigre. The aim of the company is to assist and accompany the global Gem Industry in its growth and development by offering a fast and professional on-site service for coloured gemstones. The service includes whenever possible a declaration of treatment and geographical origin determination.

The analysis, reporting and research of gem materials are performed by two different entities depending on the type of service required. C. Dunaigre Consulting GmbH in Switzerland and C. Dunaigre Gem Lab Co., Ltd. in Thailand. As private companies, we pride ourselves in providing high quality, reliable and fast services to our clientele worldwide.

C. Dunaigre Reports are used and recognized everywhere in the world and are also regularly featured in the catalogues of most auction houses.

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A Lab with advanced Analytics

A fast and cost effective service