Verify report 验证报告

Price List

Price List

All prices are normally quoted in US$, except for services performed with Swiss based companies (Prices in CHF and additional VAT).

Individual stones price scale

Coupons system

This system was setup for companies and individuals regularly submitting items to our laboratories or submitting large volume of gemstones for analysis. The coupon system allows for a subsequent discount on the quoted price list and can be declined as 50, 250 or 500 coupons. One coupon per stone analysed, irrespective of weight, with or without origin.

Verbal service

Upon request, a verbal opinion may be given to the client. This service is a fast assessment of the state of the gemstone using limited analytical resources. Please note that there is no guaranty that upon thorough testing the verbal result and the result stated on the Report will match. Price for the verbal service is 100$.

Lots and Gemstones set in Jewelry

Testing fees for the analysis and 1 or 2 pages reporting of lots of gemstones will vary depending on the number and the nature of the items in the lot. The same goes for gemstones set in Jewelry or bead necklaces. Ask the laboratory for a quote in such a situation.

Duplicates, recuts and updates

A Duplicate report may be obtained from the laboratory upon agreement of the original client who submitted the stone. Price of the Duplicate is 100$. Recut gemstones that were submitted for analysis less than 10 years ago, or which need an update can be resubmitted to the Laboratory for a price of 100$. For a gemstone re-submission of more than 10 years, the full report price applies.